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General Questions

What is VR (Virtual Reality)?

Virtual Reality is an immersive video experience. Ever watched a movie in 3D? It’s like that...only better. VR is a three-dimensional, computer generated environment which can be explored and interacted with. Watch a VR video or play a VR game and you’re more than a mere’re part of the action!
Want to give it a try? Check out our extensive library of free VR porn.

What is 18VR?

18VR is a top virtual reality site for adults only. Our exclusive VR porn videos put you in every scene! You’ll never look at porn the same way again. Today’s hottest adult stars are inside 18VR, performing in immersive VR for the very first time.

What do I need to use 18VR?

To start enjoying 18VR, all you need is a membership and a virtual reality headset. If you have a virtual reality headset already, great! 18VR supports nearly all VR headsets, including the following: Oculus Quest Oculus Quest 2 Meta Quest Pro Oculus Quest 3 Valve Index HTC Vive Check out the full list of supported VR headsets and make the most of our tutorials if you need help setting up your new device.

Do I need a VR headset to watch the videos?

A high-end VR headset is always the best choice for making the most out of our immersive VR porn experiences. However, if you're on a budget, a mobile phone is all you need to start enjoying BaDoinkVR’s amazing girls and content. Purchase a Google Cardboard for your phone on the official site and go! If you’re interested in getting started with VR porn on a budget you can acquire a Google Cardboard; these goggles are great for a first encounter with Virtual Reality. If you find that this is your thing, you should definitely consider purchasing a high-quality device for a perfect immersive experience.

Where can I get a VR headset?

You can purchase a VR headset online, multiple options are available depending on your budget and preferences. Almost all major electronics and tech retailers now stock a variety of VR headsets. Information and points of sale can be found on their respective websites. Meta Quest (previously Oculus Quest) is currently the most popular line of VR headsets, owned and produced by Meta. Check out their official site for a VR headsets comparison. HTC is also a very well known and appreciated alternative with VR headsets for multiple budgets. You can check out their Vive line and compare prices on their site. If you live in Europe, the Pico line might be an interesting choice of device as this Chinese provider is attempting to deliver a good quality VR headset at a very friendly price point.

Why my videos won't download?

The first step is to to clear your mobile browser’s cache, delete cookies. Then try again. If you’re still unable to download any videos, please contact our support team.

*Note: When contacting support, please provide the title of the scene you’re having trouble with.

How do I restore my login details?

You can retrieve your login details by clicking FORGOT YOUR PASSWORD? on the 18VR login page.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by going to the support page and clicking the "membership cancellation" link.

Mobile & Google Cardboard

What is Google Cardboard?

Google Cardboard is a virtual reality platform created by Google that works with your smartphone. Historically--and even today--virtual reality headsets are expensive. Google Cardboard is a low-cost alternative that allows anyone the ability to experience VR.

How do I use my Google Cardboard?

Launch your favorite VR app on your smartphone, then slide your phone into the fold-out cardboard mount. That’s all there is to it!

Do I need any App to watch the videos?

Yes, you can select the VR player of your choice in an Android or iOS app store. If you’re looking for a recommendation, we suggest taking a look at FreeVR Player if you’re on Android or Fr33VR Player if you are on iOS. You can use the app to download, watch and store all of your VR videos on your smartphone. Once you have our app installed, just click Download Video from within the 18VR members area and the video will automatically start downloading in the app. If you download your videos to your PC and then move it to your phone, you’ll need to choose the settings to properly watch it: Settings: When you tap play on “My videos” section of FREEVRPLAYER, a popup will appear, choose the setting according to the type of video you are playing: 180-degree videos: Side by Side 360-degree videos: Over Under

Other Devices

How do I watch 18VR videos on Oculus Meta Quest?

18VR videos are currently supported by the following Oculus Meta Quest players: Addition: Oculus Video is now the native application for watching videos on Oculus devices.
*Note: Videos need to be downloaded to the Oculus Quest, Quest 2 and Quest 3.
Skybox VR: Skybox VR is an ultimate local VR video player which supports video playback from local storage and network shared servers. Whirligig: Whirligig support Oculus, HTC Vive & OSVR.

How do I watch 18VR videos on my Samsung Gear VR?

Addition: Gear VR now uses the Oculus video app as well. The files will need to be downloaded to the phone under folders oculus/videos/360/ Check to see if you have the Samsung VR application installed on your smartphone. If not, please download it from the Oculus App. Download the video to your computer and connect your smartphone to your computer. Copy the video file to: Card\MilkVR or Phone\MilkVR Place your smartphone into your GearVR and open the Samsung VR application. Select the video you just copied, and enjoy!

*Note: If you can't find the MilkVR folder, create it at the root directory: \MilkVR Gear VR Quick Start Guide

What if I have another device not listed here?

18VR content uses industry-standard video files and can be played on any video player. Your device manufacturer likely has a virtual reality video playing application. Simply download the “Google Cardboard” version of the 18VR videos onto your device. In your device’s VR player, open the video file, and select “side-by-side” orientation if the player does not automatically adjust. Because there are a wide variety of devices, it’s best to consult help from your device manufacturer. You can also email us at [email protected] and we will try to help.
*Note: When contacting support, please provide the make and model of your device.