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Darcia Lee's VR Porn Videos

Darcia Lee

  • Measurements: 34D-34-36
  • Height: 5'2''
  • Weight: 5'2''
  • Country: Hungary
  • Hair: Brown
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian



Darcia Lee was born right at the turn of the century in Budapest, Hungary. This busty little brunette is so hot, she gets more dick applications than a private detective agency. Darcia jumped into the porn industry the second she became of age and she hasn't looked back ever since, and that was about a year ago now. Breaking the stereotype of tattoozled tarts, Darcia has a one-hundred percent natural body, no tats, no fake tits, just 120 pounds of pure Hungarian sexiness. At five-foot-seven, she has some of the nicest legs this side of the Ural mountains and did we mention her tits? Darcia has a pair of bouncy D cup breasts that are so soft and buoyant, you could wrap them around your neck and use them as a life jacket. Darcia is what some may call a sex fiend, but she's what we call sexy. Her whole family is aware of her career choice and she has no reservations when it comes to fucking on screen. In her free time, Darcia likes to chill with her family and hang out with her friends at local bars. There's something admirable about those good old fashioned family values. As a whole, Darcia is the complete package: sweet, sexy, funny and charming. We couldn't think of a better teammate for her threesome partner, Monika Wild. Check out their new scene here on 18VR and you'll see exactly what we're talking about.

Videos with Darcia Lee

Eternal Triangle VR Porn Video Watch now
43 min
Ava Black and 1 other
April 23, 2019
The Hangboner VR Porn Video Watch now
39 min
The Hangboner
Monika Wild and 1 other
July 17, 2018

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