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Czech exchange student Julia Parker has been staying at your place for about a week now. You caught her spying on you in the shower but instead of being embarrassed, she's offering you the chance to get even. Julia hasn't had an orgasm since she left Prague so when she jams her slam box in your face, you better lap that sweet pussy right up. She's staying with you for 4 months, so there's a good chance that this could really fuck up the dynamic, but who cares when your dicks being gripped by the world's tightest fuck hole and you've got a perfect set of natural titties bouncing in your face?

November 21, 2017
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With Ashley Woods

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You've just started volume three of Napoleon Bonaparte's biography but your girlfriend Ashley Woods just doesn't seem to understand your fascination of his defeat at Leipzig in 1813. Ashley's wet as can be and itchin' for a fuck session. She takes your book away, strips, and presses her round tits against your cock. You don't usually care for people manhandling your books, but you'll make an exception for Ashley. So forget about Bonaparte and just bone her parts.

November 13, 2017
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Rose's Bud
With Katy Rose

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You've been casually fucking your neighbor, Katy Rose for a couple of weeks now. She usually comes over to your place through the backyard when everyone else is at work and you have a vanilla fuck session for 30 minutes or so in your parents living room. It's beginning to get old though, and you've been starting to think about other girls, that is, until today when she says "I have an idea." Katy has a new bag of tricks. All of a sudden she can suck deeper and fuck harder, she's also introduced anal to the equation. Just when you thought things were getting boring, this perky slut's asshole became available for business, so be sure to make the most of the grand opening.

November 07, 2017
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With Lady Dee and 1 other

40 min

Lady Dee and 1 other

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You're over the honeymoon period with your girl Lola Bambola. She can tell things are getting stale and she's promised to turn up the heat, so she's decided to call in the artillery - her best friend, Lady Dee. Will this save your relationship? Probably not. But hey, you can't pass this up. These girls each sport a matching pair of perky tits and equally tight fuck holes. It's damn difficult to know who to prioritize here, so you'll have to just do your best.

October 31, 2017
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With Antonia Sainz

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Your housemate, Antonia is a difficult girl to read, she usually keeps to herself and studies in her bedroom, but every once in a while she seems to switch to some kind of Czech sex pest. Maybe there's a full moon or something because today is one of those days. She finds you to "show you her new t-shirt", but you both know that's just a thinly veiled code for "getting fucked in each and every orifice", and who are you to complain? No sane man could resist those perky tits and that tiny, tight asshole.

October 24, 2017
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It's hard growing up as a lonely, horny teen and nobody knows that better than Rebecca Black. Enter the slutty mind and fantasy of this blonde babe, as she details her forbidden confession and desire for anal sex with her biggest crush in school. This diary may hold her deepest secret but only Rebecca knows how truly deep it goes..

October 17, 2017
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Tag Team
With Katy Sky and 1 other

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Katy Sky and 1 other

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Katrin Tequila has a special Birthday surprise for you. She'll tell you, but only after she's got you rock hard and ready. You sit back and watch her play with her pussy as you wonder what her surprise might be, and this is when things get interesting. Enter Katy Sky, Katrin's best friend. She's horny and fully equipped with a huge strap-on. The two Euro babes begin to fuck right before your eyes and then motion for you to join in. You're caught off guard and with your dick in your hand, so make yourself useful, would you?

October 10, 2017
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Group Workout
With Rebecca Black and 2 others

46 min

Rebecca Black and 2 others

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Terra, Rebecca, and Daisy have been your favorite clients for weeks now. You're one of the most in-demand fitness trainers in the Czech Republic and every time you have a session, the three girls squat extra low and "accidentally" flash you whenever they get the chance. This week, the gloves are off. Squats, lunges, and stretches are boring now, so it's time to get to the real training. There are only thirty minutes left in the session, so prioritize these pussies and help each and every one of these Euro sluts with their new exercise regime.

October 03, 2017
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With Katrin Tequila

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It's too hot to go anywhere and this heatwave is really starting to become a bore. Right when you're about ready to go home to take an ice bath and pound a sixer, Katrin Tequila suggests something a little more fun. She begins touching herself right there in the garden, seductively sliding her fingers inside herself making herself wetter and wetter. She invites you into the bedroom and decides that she needs you in all of her holes. If it was hot before, it's a scorcher now.

September 26, 2017
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With Lovita Fate and 1 other

35 min

Lovita Fate and 1 other

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Your new girlfriend Anny Aurora is one in a million. She is always down for a movie and she watches the football with you and the guys, and she knows exactly what you want in the bedroom. When her friend Lovita Fate comes to visit from the Czech Republic, Anny suggests finally acting out your fantasy of a threesome. The two Euro babes don't let you down. In no time at all, they are playing musical chairs with your cock and begging to share your cum. Best day ever.

September 19, 2017
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With Nathaly Cherie

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After some turbulence in your fledgling relationship, Nathaly Cherie has suggested setting aside an afternoon to work on your intimacy. She's been tending her garden all day but now that you're home, she couldn't give a fuck about the geraniums she's been watering. Within a minute she's got her huge natural 34 C tits pressed against you and your cock gripped in her soft hands. Relationships are all about learning and new experiences, so when she suggests a bit of anal play, what kind of a boyfriend would you be to turn her down?

September 12, 2017
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Wild Thoughts
With Anna Swix

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Your step sister Anna Swix has been hounding after your cock since the first day you met. Until now, you've shown restraint, but you're only human and your balls are starting to get bluer than a BB King solo. Anna knows you though, she knows that you will break. When your parents are out of town she begins teasing you every chance she gets. First its nudity at the breakfast table, then pussy flashing in the car, and finally she gets physical. She's been fucking with you for far too long now, it's time to fuck her back.

September 05, 2017